July 17, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Google Products (2011)

Google makes a ton of products. Almost two years ago, thinking about it, I posted my top ten Google products at the time. Google Reader was #1, Blogger was #2 and FeedBurner was #3. Since then, G+ has come into play, I switched to Android and Chrome is on fire. It's time for a rewrite.

The Original Post from Sept. 2009: My Top Ten Favorite Google Products

Here's what I would list now. Eager to hear your own top 3, 5, or even 10.
  1. Google+ (Obviously, this is my start page, I am here constantly)
  2. Android (The mobile OS runs my favorite tablets and phones)
  3. Google ChromeOS (Living in the cloud is a game changer)
  4. Blogger (The easiest, most flexible and stable blogging platform)
  5. Google Reader (Still the best place to follow hundreds of sites in one place)
  6. Google Search (The gold standard for finding anything)
  7. Gmail (Finally my default email, and archive. Buzz is a plus.)
  8. FeedBurner (Takes my blog to the rest of the Web, powered by Pubsubhubbub)
  9. Google Voice (Syncs my phone to the Web with auto-blocking of spam calls)
  10. YouTube (If it happened and is worth watching, it's here. Now with movies too!)
Things have obviously changed in just two years. Android, ChromeOS, Google Voice and Google+ were not on my radar much only a short time ago, and now they're essential. Curious to your own insight and what major services (Analytics, Maps, Earth, etc.) I missed.

/via my Google+ Profile.