April 07, 2010

EdgeTheory: Is iPad Mania Fully Justified?

EdgeTheory Conversation 7 is about the big news of the last week – Apple’s latest digital device, the iPad. While millions of words and thousands of articles have already been written about the iPad, there’s always more to find, especially as the product spends more time in the hands of early adopters. This week, Chris Saad and I talk about whether the closed nature of the iPad (when contrasted with open standard solutions) is something we should be avoiding, and where the iPad fits in a world of laptops and the iPhone.

Are users getting screwed by needing to buy multiple versions of applications with the iPad’s debut? And should it be a mobile device, or a fully functional computer? We talk about this and much more in another EdgeTheory Conversation.

This and all other EdgeTheory conversations can be found on the dedicated ET Conversations site.

Listen in below:

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