April 06, 2010

Ping.fm Taps Superfeedr to Broadcast Realtime RSS Feeds

While the mass broadcast of status updates across multiple networks is something done best in moderation, the opportunity to distribute one's RSS feeds, from a blog or any other source, to potential viewers, no matter where they are, is core to the nature of the technology itself. Today, Ping.fm, the Seesmic-owned utility that allows for multi-network pollination, announced a new feature that gives RSS feeds the same flexibility as traditional status updates.

The solution is powered by Superfeedr, the real-time cloud based feed parser and publisher who I have long been bullish on thanks to their support and promotion of Pubsubhubbub, a protocol behind real-time data transmission from network to network.

With Superfeedr having already proven capable of acting as the back-end for real-time RSS distribution across the Web, Ping.fm's turning to Julien Genestoux and team makes logical sense, rather than trying to reinvent the process. Now Ping.fm is much more than a massive broadcaster of status updates, but a vehicle for RSS too.

See the official announcement here: Ping.fm Provides RSS Support

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