March 10, 2009

The Word on SXSW 2009 is at

By Ken Stewart of ChangeForge (Twitter/FriendFeed)

Need to get the word on South by Southwest 2009? Get, a targeted social media platform, brought to you by BlogWerds Media, dedicated to the niche content vertical of SXSW to deliver what's happened, what's happening, and what's happening next.

Co-founder Eric Berlin, who also writes here on, has positioned the Werds-brand as a highly-targeted content aggregation coupled with social media tools for what's coming next.

According to Eric:

"BlogWerds Media believes that the evolution of social media means getting focused on valuable yet underserved content niches. While a select few blogs and news memes get repetitive attention from 'all things to all people' content aggregators and social news sites, the vast majority of news stories and social media participation simply gets lost in the ether."

What is SXSWerds?

Think Alltop + Digg, devoted to a niche like SXSW, with the Werd-spiders fetching the latest and greatest information on all things SXSW just for you. Simply browse and read the latest and greatest stories, tweets, videos, and you name it as they unfold - or rely on crowdsourcing to deliver vetted content to you.

After logging in, you have a chance to vote on your favorite articles, run searches using my new favorite blog search tool Lijit, step out to Twitter search on relevant tweet entries, and quite literally, drink in the fire hose of content coming at you.

If SXSW 2009 coverage is not your bag, try a few of the other BlogWerds' niche properties, including:

  • - Companies are online. Many have blogs. BlogWerds covers those company blogs.

  • - Newspapers are online. Many have blogs. NewsWerds covers those online newspapers.

  • - Barack Obama buzz + social media = ObamaWerds

  • - American Idol buzz + social media = AmericanIdolWerds

  • - Survivor buzz + social media =

If you can't make it to SXSW this year, or if you just want to catch-up on the panel discussions you might have missed while catching a tune, mosey on over to SXSWerds and get the werd on what's hot and what's not at SXSW.

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