December 06, 2008

Five New Blogs to Round Out the Year's Finds

Part Ten In a Monthly Series

We may be heading into the holidays, and soon will come the end of 2008, with an eye toward 2009, and all the change that comes with it. But before the year is up, I thought it made sense to highlight five blogs that I've recently discovered that you may not know. On, it's not all about me. It's about finding new services, new ways to share information, new authors, and new opinions. That's why you're seeing some outstanding posts from our new writers, and why each month, I highlight five new blogs that are not in the A-List, and very likely haven't yet crossed your radar.

Each of the bloggers highlighted over this time period has been added to my Google Reader list, via Toluu, and has, to date, been consistently informative, interesting or entertaining. Prior months' entries can be found for March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November.

This month's entries...

1) (

Focus: Social Networking, Twitter, E-Commerce, Blogging
Recent Highlight:
Where Or Where Is What Your Visitors Seek? The Importance Of Site Search
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2) GeekLad (

Focus: Google, SEO, Social Media
Recent Highlight: Chris Brogan’s Advice to Me
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3) The Future Buzz (

Focus: Web, Media, Blogging
Recent Highlight:
FriendFeed And Twitter Have *Not* Killed Blogging
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4) TechPulse360 (

Focus: Technology, Silicon Valley, Business, Innovation
Recent Highlight:
Cisco Will Do A One Time Massive Layoff If Downturn Persists
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5) Above and Beyond KM (

Focus: Knowledge Management, Business, Metrics
Recent Highlight:
Being a Cost Center in Difficult Economic Times
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Want to be on this list? You can catch my eye by posting great information in the field of technology, social media, blogging and the Web. I'll be more likely to highlight you if you blog almost every day, and bring new stories to the table that don't repeat discussions launched elsewhere. And if you have more than 1,000 subscribers, you're probably too big for this.

To see even more new blogs I'm adding to my reader, or get a sneak peek for November's highlighted blogs, follow my activity on Toluu. If you don't have a login to Toluu, send me an e-mail to and I'll get that set up right away.