April 07, 2008

Five More Blogs You Should Be Reading, But Aren't

Not being one of the Silicon Valley elite, I've always had a soft spot for "the little guy". I've acknowledged giving the smaller Web services more leeway in their offerings, and it wasn't all that long ago that I highlighted five potential entrants to future editions of the TechMeme leaderboard. But over the last few weeks, I've gotten more and more e-mail from blog readers asking me to help open their eyes to new sources who I'm reading who are contributing some great stories, but might not have a big enough megaphone.

Here are some of my newer favorites, in no particular order:

1) Charlie Anzman / SEO and Tech Daily (anzman.blogspot.com)

Focus: SEO, Analytics, Web 2.0
Recent Highlight: The A-list just changed and you're on it
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2) Hutch Carpenter / I'm Not Actually a Geek (bhc3.wordpress.com)

Focus: RSS, Facebook, Social Networking
Recent Highlight: The Best Blogs You're Not Reading? Toluu Knows
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3) Eric Berlin / Online Media Cultist ( onlinemediacultist.com)

Focus: Twitter, TechMeme, Online Media
Recent Highlight: What I Learned Friday Night on Twitter
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4) Mia Dand / Marketing Mystic (marketingmystic.typepad.com)

Focus: Technology, Blogging, M&A Activity and Social Media
Recent Highlight: Is Techcrunch the Rainmaker of the online world?
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5) Carlo Maglinao / TechBays (techbays.com)

Focus: Google, RSS, LinkedIn
Recent Highlight: Ten Power Tips on Facebook Usage
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Do you have five blogs you like that you think I don't know? Let me know in the comments, and we'll fill up on Google Reader.


  1. Yeah Charlie Anzman! Great blog... and you don't even need to be very into SEO/SEM to get into Charlie's style... nice to see him make this list.

  2. Thanks so much Louis!

    I became hip to Charlie recently, and will now check out Hutch, Mia, and Carlo as well.

  3. Wow! Such good finds. I really appreciate your taking the time to highlight these folks.

  4. Good Picks! Eric has a great blog.



  5. One of my favorites for the past 2 or so years has been http://PaulStamatiou.com - he's a college student but is quite adept at writing great tech guides and reviews.

  6. I want to read more blogs but just can't. I am down from my old, totally unsustainable practice of reading 20-40 newspapers daily in addition to my other blogs, but it's still pretty ugly. Sadly, I want to subscribe to bunches of these...

  7. Rich Page Ramblings seems to be gathering some good web analytics posts too, and does some fun web reviews: http://www.rich-page.com

  8. Industry Leaders of Tech 2.0

  9. Thank you Louis! And thanks for introducing Charlie, Hutch, Eric, and Mia: my new subscriptions.

    More power to you and your readers!

  10. I am biased, but I'd love to hear what you think about Positive Disruption @ www.tommartin.typepad.com

  11. I was going to be humble here and just stay quiet but we all know that's virtually impossible for me ... This post is PROOF of what I've been talking about. Louis' blog (and the other three that sent people here..) sent 190 visitors today so far. Not shabby. A list? :) Bah Humbug.

    Hey .. Thanks to @Matt and @Eric !

  12. Another blog you should read is this one - benchmarking, ranking social media

  13. I, too, am biased... but I think you and your readers will enjoy Tropophilia. While we cover a healthy amount of social networking and web 2.0, we also talk about changes in culture, the environment, science, and other issues.