November 08, 2008

Five Blogs To Be Checking Out This November

Part Nine In a Monthly Series

November brings a bit of coolness in the air as the summer heat becomes a memory and most of us in the Northern Hemisphere turn to Winter. But while it might be getting colder outside, there's still a lot of hot writing going on, both from sites you have heard of and many you likely haven't. For the last nine months, I've highlighted five blogs each month that I think warrant your checking out.

Each of the bloggers highlighted over this time period has been added to my Google Reader list, via Toluu, and has, to date, been consistently informative, interesting or entertaining. Prior months' entries can be found for March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October.

This month's entries...

1) Rob Jensen / Microblink (

Focus: Microblogging, Twitter, Pownce, Plurk
Recent Highlight: Where to Find Election Coverage
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2) Cass / Media Geek Girl (

Focus: Movies, Media and Life (from Singapore)
Recent Highlight: IM Just Got Interesting
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3) Thought Clusters (

Focus: Technology, Software
Recent Highlight:
Hindsight Experts
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4) Jason K / TekPopuli (

Focus: Technology, Apple, Google, Microsoft
Recent Highlight:
Voter Suppression 2.0 — GOP Turning to Robo-Tweets
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5) Editechial (

Focus: Blogging, Funding, Media
Recent Highlight:
Hype Happens
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To see even more new blogs I'm adding to my reader, or get a sneak peek for November's highlighted blogs, follow my activity on Toluu. If you don't have a login to Toluu, send me an e-mail to and I'll get that set up right away.