March 17, 2008

UPDATED: Elite Bloggers Joining FriendFeed In Droves

Update 2: Given how this is now seen as a reference point for the hot bloggers on FriendFeed, we're going to try and keep it updated. Added in this round includes folks like Allen Stern of CenterNetworks, Tris Hussey, Chris Pirillo and others...

Also See: Stephanie Booth of Climb to the Stars: FriendFeed Appeals to Women, Too!.

New adds are marked as *NEW*.

Update 1: Welcome visitors from TechMeme, Susan Mernit's Blog, Mark Evans, Scobleizer and The Last Podcast! I've added links for Jeremy Toeman, Susan Mernit, and Jeremiah Owyang.

Although it hasn't even been a month since FriendFeed opened up to the masses, and announced Series A financing of $5 million, momentum is definitely on the company's side. Garnering incredible media and blog coverage, FriendFeed has also been a magnet for a significant number of top tier "name brand" bloggers. And while not every one of these A-Listers is using the site to its fullest, their information is there for subscribing, letting you follow their daily Web activity.

I've taken the first step in capturing some of the most recognizable names out there in the blogosphere who have joined FriendFeed. Is it complete? By no means, and of course, making this "elite" list is subjective. So please, if you should be included here, or you know somebody on FriendFeed who should be here, please let me know, and I can update this list. Of course, while I'm not elite in any way, you can always find me on FriendFeed at

Adam Ostrow / Mashable

Allen Stern / Center Networks *NEW*

Andrew Chen / Futuristic Play

Andy Beard / Niche Marketing

Ben MetCalfe / Dot Ben

Brian Solis /

Chris Brogan /

Chris Pirillo / *NEW*

Corvida / SheGeeks

Dan Farber / ZDNet Between The Lines

Dave Winer /

David Sifry / Sifry's Alerts

Don MacAskill / SmugBlog *NEW*

Dosh Dosh (Maki) / *NEW*

EngTech / Internet Duct Tape

Eric Eldon / VentureBeat

Erick Schonfeld / TechCrunch

Fred Oliveira / WeBreakStuff *NEW*

Fred Wilson / A VC

Frederic Lardinois / The Last Podcast

Gabe Rivera / TechMeme

Ian Kennedy / MyBlogLog

Ionut / Google Operating System

Jason Kaneshiro / Webomatica

Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine *NEW*

Jeremiah Owyang / Web Strategist

Jeremy Toeman / Live Digitally

Jeremy Zawodny /

Josh Quittner / Fortune Magazine

Kent Newsome /

Kevin Rose / Digg

Kristen Nicole / Mashable *NEW*

Leo Laporte / Twit.TV *NEW*

Liz Gannes / GigaOm

Loic LeMeur /

Mark Hopkins / Mashable

Mark Krynsky / Lifestream Blog *NEW*

Marshall Kirkpatrick / ReadWriteWeb

Mathew Ingram / Mathew

MG Siegler / ParisLemon

Michael Arrington / TechCrunch

Muhammad Saleem /

Nicole Simon / Cruel to be Kind *NEW*

Paul Kedrosky / Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed *NEW*

Pete Cashmore / Mashable

Philipp Lenssen / Google Blogoscoped

Rafe Needleman / WebWare

Rex Hammock /

Richard MacManus / ReadWriteWeb

Robert Scoble /

Scott Beale / The Laughing Squid

Stephanie Booth / Climb to the Stars *NEW*

Steve Rubel / MicroPersuasion

Steven Hodson / WinExtra

Susan Mernit / Susan Mernit's Blog

Tamar Weinberg / Techipedia *NEW*

Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Collection *NEW*

Tom Foremski / Silicon Valley Watcher

Tony Hung / Deep Jive Interests

Tris Hussey / Maple Leaf 2.0 *NEW*

I keep hearing how FriendFeed might be under attack from new services like SocialThing, or that there are too many lifestreaming options out there. But if the above list is any indication, FriendFeed doesn't just have the very best feature set out there, but it also has the very best people out there, as those bloggers who know good Web services when they see them come in droves. If you're not on FriendFeed yet, you should be. And if you're on FriendFeed, be sure you add a good number of these folks.


  1. That's definitely quite a list to find my own name in...

    Thanks for putting this list together - I added a number of people I didn't even know were on FF.

  2. You slickster you! Great list!

  3. now I am definitely blushing - me .. an elite blogger ... wow .. thanks Louis :)

  4. I'm no elite blogger, Louis, but even I know that part of the value of these services is their low investment requirement. You can join several aggregators without being incredibly active on any one site. Input your feeds, and behold! You've got a presence that virtually runs itself.

    I'm sure part of the reason so many "elites" are on the site is that it's sort of their job to check out the hot new shiz. Once their feeds are in, many return to shepherding their Tumblrs and Wordpresses and Google Reader link blogs.

    While I kinda dig FriendFeed, I'm a normal guy with very few tech pals. The inability to read my pals' updates unless I add them manually is a big drawback.

    SocialThing, while less elegant, does allow me to read my non-tech friends' Flickr / Facebook updates WITHOUT having to manually add them. And I can reply to my pals Tweets, but they show up on Twitter, where they'll actually be read.

    Perhaps the elites are all hanging out on the admittedly pretty FriendFeed. But those of us doing the grunt work (i.e., evangelizing to friends who DON'T read dorky tech blogs), well, we have to wait for a practical feature set that starts up simply and builds upon communities that already exist.

  5. is a very nice service whit big usability!, thanks for the recomendatios, Louis, goodday

  6. hey, I *know* a lot of those folks and have a friendfeed, so can I pretend to be an elite tech blogger?

  7. "Elite" and "Droves" in the same sentence = Cognitive Dissonance

  8. Friendfeed is definitely a step forward. I'm interested in whether other bloggers have the same requirements for ranked feed of topical blogs as I outlined

    on my blog ?

  9. Thanks to you, I signed up too

    Feel free to add me to the list

  10. And of course, you need to add me:

  11. Nice to know these A-Lister's followed me to FriendFeed.. HA!

    But seriously, shouldn't this just be another post about how massively addicted all these folks, including me, are to wonderful beta goodness?

    I bet in six months there will be another amazing must have beta, ZEBRA will be out and then, we'll all be over there giving that thing a whirl and so on.. and so on..

    They may be elite bloggers but they aren't elite beta kids, cause we've been here for months already.

    If elite bloggers and beta kids faced off in kickball, we'd kick elite bloggers ass any day, by default really, we'd get to the party first.

  12. Very clever ;)

    Thanks for adding me...

    Let's catch up soon.

  13. I will cry in a dark corner..
    Chris :-)

    IdoNotes a/k/a TheSocialNetworker

  14. Thanks for the heads up. I'm not an elite blogger either, but certainly a whore for beta social media tools.

  15. Funny, I just recorded a video webinar on friendfeed this afternoon! You can find me on Friendfeed too, if you're really a complete blogger junkie:

    Thanks for the list too: some people I've added now too.

  16. What, I do not count anymore?

  17. Feel free to add me as well:

  18. No trackback? Anyway, I sorted your list by Technorati rank, added Alexa rank, and updated a few URLs (Kevin Rose's blog; Fortune's TechLand for Josh Quitner). Plus covered many reactions to Duncan's and then your followup post.

  19. Louis, part of being somebody in this space is signing up for services not because they are good but because they are there and we test them.

    Such a list of 'a list using friendfeed' is nothing more than the people knowing their game and seeing an additional value for spreading the content even further.

    Your enthusiams for friendfeed is honorable, but it should not cloud your judgement that much ...

  20. wow Louis - thanks for including me on your list *blush*

  21. yippee! more people to follow on friendfeed.

    I just started using it:

  22. friendfeed's a link circle jerk as your post proves.