December 25, 2007

Google Dominates My 2007 Blog Statistics

In honor of Christmas, and wrapping up the end of the year, it's pretty easy to see that 2007 was a revolution for, as we worked to mature the blog from a self-focused journal to a resource for technology news, Web 2.0 insights and interaction with a focused community.

Using the Analog Web log analysis software, it's reported that more than 1.1 million Web pages were read, good for more than 3,000 per day, transferring more than 100 gigabytes of data.

We went from serving up nearly 25,000 pages in the month of January to more than 130,000 in the record-breaking month of October, which also served up 15 gigabytes of data.

But most interestingly, if we walk down the 12 most popular posts of the year, from January 1 through today, one name pops to the very top - Google. Take a look:

Blog Post
Page Views
1.Soft-Core Porn, Sex Themes
Power Google Video
2.Google's Earth Day Logo Makes a Splash6,700
3.10 Suggestions to Improve Google Reader5,400
4.Facebook Google Reader App Rebrands As Feedheads3,200
5.Internal Linking On Some Tech Blogs Is Out of Control3,100
6.The Biggest Blogs Aren't Really Blogs Any More2,800
7.The Apple TV Debate Is Upside Down2,100
8.Hype It Up: Ballhype Is Here to Change the Game1,700
9.Google Video Still Peddling Soft-Core Porn Smut1,700
10.Eight Reasons the Apple TV is Failing,
and How It Can be Saved
11.BitTorrent Bails Me Out on TiVo's Simpsons Miss1,700
12.I Have Seen the Future of Social RSS Feed Readers1,600

And where did they all come from? Google, Google and Google, of course. Google Images, Google Reader and Google Search dominated referrals to the site this year, with BlogLines following behind. Additional bumps came from the occasional mention on, and TechMeme.

I don't have "hard" expectations for this blog, but I would hope 2008 sees at least a doubling of total page views, and it'd be great to at least double RSS subscribers as well. As we're approaching 200 now on Feedburner, I think 500 would be a nice goal for Christmas next year. If you're not yet subscribed, get your e-mail on the list!

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