September 06, 2007

Google Update Breaks Embedded Shared Links

Often in engineering, a new feature comes with a tradeoff - new bugs. It appears that with the introduction of the new Google Reader, all bloggers who embedded their "Shared Google Reader Links", as I did, have seen their links disappear.

The ability to easily display my shared items from Google Reader in my Blogger template is one of the best features of Google's RSS feed service. Rather than updating my blog manually with each new shared link, the code was automatically refreshed through JavaScript. But as I noted on the Google Reader support forum, "something is broken", and there's nothing I can do to restore the feature.

As another avid Google Reader user writes, "Please fix this ASAP cause i have big community of bloggers internaly connected with this and it would not be nice to tell them all to change the code."

Just when I thought Google Reader was ready to turn the corner, and graduate from Google Labs, I found out this happened. We'll see how long it takes the company to respond. Previously, they haven't been fast at all in responding to user complaints and outages.


  1. Louis

    Just saw your post and my heart sank - i love this new feature, it's by far the easiest way for me to mark lots of stuff for my blog (and my own purposes).

    when I went to look, they'd disappeared *but i just redid it, using a default layout, and it's working ;}

    Now I just need to refind the non-default layout I liked ..

    phew ...


    paul canning

  2. Paul, thanks - I just made a new template and copy/pasted into the Blogger template and then hit publish. Looks restored now.