September 07, 2007

A Weekend Away With Family

Depending on traffic, WiFi access, boredom, distractions and other factors, there is a potential for lighter than usual posting here this weekend. My wife and I are traveling to the popular tourist destination of Sacramento to see my parents, whom we managed to neglect the entire summer.

We'll be heading out late Friday evening, hopefully after Bay Area traffic has died down, and staying two nights before leaving late Sunday to start the week off again.

Of course, just because we're leaving Silicon Valley behind doesn't mean we're leaving technology behind. Slated to make the trip: The Apple PowerBook and my wife's iBook, my BlackBerry, two or three iPods, and our "still new" Nintendo Wii. We even got two more controllers so we can play games between the four of us and prove who is most superior through head to head digital conquest.

The only real question is - do I take advantage of my sister working at the Apple Store, and break down to update my iPod situation or get an iPhone with some kind of discount while on the trip...

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  1. Your wife here,
    I need a new adapter for the LCD projector at work so I guess we better take advantage of her discount.