September 19, 2007

Ballhype T-Shirt Give-Away #2, and a New Record!

A few weeks ago, we offered a free Ballhype t-shirt to a randomly selected individual who left a comment on the blog stating why they most deserved to win. In the end, with help from our 18-year-old beagle, Dharr18 was the lucky winner.

Well guess what? We won yet another Ballhype t-shirt again this week, after a controversial record-setting week of long shot picks aimed at predicting upsets. (See some discussion here)

It's once again time for you to put your name in the ring, and possibly walk away with a brand-new shirt from one of the hottest Web communities to debut this year.

To earn the Ballhype t-shirt, I ask only you comment to this post, and list:

1. Your login at (or create one).
2. The game you most enjoyed watching in the last week.
3. Why you enjoyed watching.

It's that simple. Assuming we have more than one respondent, the rules are:

You must respond by 11:59 p.m. PDT, Mon. Sept. 24th.
Ballhype management will ship in USA only.

As with the previous contest, it is highly likely that Molly, our beagle, will be selecting the winner. We will cover that process at the time the winner is awarded. But until then, take a look at the Ballhype T-shirts available, and see what you could win!

Good luck!


  1. Molly apparently hates me, but I'll throw my hat in the ring in hopes that an alternate selection method is employed.

    1. Jason
    2. OSU @ UW, Husky Stadium
    3. Rekindling b-school memories was a blast despite the loss. Plus, it was the only game I was permitted to watch last week.

  2. 1. Reasonable Doubt
    2. Chelsea v. Blackburn Rovers
    3. Spent an Early Saturday afternoon in a crowded sports bar, a group of about 12 of us wearing Chelsea kits among the dozens of others screaming at the early football games. In a sea of screaming pigskin fans in the deep south, twelve outsiders banded together to scream for blood when Kalou got screwed out of his goal by a bogus offside call. It felt like a brotherhood, and it was more fun than any college game the rest of the day.

  3. 1. Zorgon
    2. Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals
    3. It was a nice refresher for Browns fans to see their team finally have some offense clicking. It also showed how reliant Cincinnati truely is on their passing game.

  4. 1. VicTimes
    2. Chiefs at Bears
    3. I haven't been sleeping well, and this game certainly helped me be cured of my insomnia.

    Additionally, I wanted to note that I got second place that week, and it may be the second highest score all time. I'm too tired to do any more research than that

  5. 1) Redsauce
    2) Yanks @ Red Sox
    3) I enjoyed the one where the Yanks lost, not so much the other two. Enjoyed mostly because, past the 5th/6th inning, it was a game even Grady Little, I mean Francona, couldn't have screwed up.

  6. 1. Chone
    2. Chargers @ Patriots
    3. One, because the game was awesome despite being approached by NBC as it were a footnote. Two, because I drank way too much on Saturday and slept through all the other games.

  7. 1. Patrick
    2. Chargers @ Patriots
    3. LT, shut the F**K UP!

  8. Since I won't be winning one with my NHL pre-season picks (It's still early)- I guess this is my best chance if my answers qualify.

    2.Amherst vs. Ludlow - My son's first Bantam hockey game of the pre-season. Spent my weekend at the rink, so it was one of the only games I watched.
    3.The boy made an incredable no look backhanded pass to his center who was breaking through the netural zone, the puck went through the center's legs and right on his stick while in stride. He made the pass while having a guy right on him shoving him from behind. After the game he said he was just trying to put the puck in an area where someone should have been, he never saw the play connect. I did though and it was truly a thing of beauty.