September 19, 2007

PlugandPlay Expo To Feature Earliest-Stage Startups

If at all possible tomorrow, I will try to zip down a few blocks from my home and catch a good portion of the PlugandPlay Expo at the PlugandPlay Tech Center, here in Sunnyvale. The show promises to feature three dozen of Silicon Valley's unknown startups looking to make a name for themselves, the second tier, if you will, when contrasted to all the noise around this week's TechCrunch40.

I received a list of the companies looking to make a name for themselves with VCs, press and other entrepreneurs, and ... who ever said all the good names were taken in tech? Just check these out!

1) Lending Club
2) Broker Storage
3) Pixsy
5) Ccube
6) PhotoCrank
7) ScreenerKey
8) Ceino
9) Planaroo
10) MyMagMedia
11) BlueGem Security
13) QbizTech
14) SueEasy
15) TechDirt
16) Zephyr
17) Spigit
18) Geejo
19) UrNetlife
20) Paybl
21) Spokeo
22) Pollection
23) College Wikis
24) GetQuick
25) FuGen Solutions
26) Bizy
27) Apsoftek
28) DataMash
29) StrayForm
30) Xpree
31) QClip Media
32) CopaCast
33) Zipidee
34) Gigya
35) Twiki
36) UserZoom
37) Moowee


Some of the companies listed above are, in fact, so brand new that their Web sites aren't even live.

Depending on when I can break away from the office, and other priorities, I hope to give you an update tomorrow and see if any of these hard to pronounce names will soon become household names. And if not, it's always a lot of fun to surround myself with people even geekier than me. For more on the conference, check out their Web site.

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