August 29, 2007

A Free Ballhype T-Shirt Can Be Yours!

Last week, for some reason, my combination of frequent game picks, combined with a slant toward underdogs and dumb luck, led me to my second consecutive Ballhype Game Picks win (my sixth overall). Now that both my wife and I have Ballhype t-shirts, as well as three of my colleagues, I'm thinking it's time to extend the opportunity to be clad in the colors of one of the most exciting Web communities to debut in 2007 - to you.

To earn the Ballhype t-shirt, I ask only you comment to this post, and list:

1. Your login at (or create one).
2. Your favorite sports team (any sport, any level).
3. Why you best deserve the t-shirt.

It's that simple. Assuming we have more than one respondent, the rules are:

You must respond by Midnight PDT, September 1st
Ballhype management will ship in USA only

I will put your names on paper and have them selected randomly by a member of the Gray household who is not me (a.k.a. the wife or the beagle). Take a look at the Ballhype T-shirts available, and see what you could win!

Good luck!


  1. Given Louis' streak over here, getting a shirt that was destined for him is kind of like getting the spare robe off the Dalai Lama - you'll be blessed for life.

  2. McLovin
    New York Mets
    I used McLovin before Superbad, so I'm ahead of the curve

  3. I'm 9 and 20 so far this week, so I won't be getting a shirt the normal way.

    Cincy Reds
    Because I've lost 20 games this week and it's only Thursday.

  4. 1. Jason
    2. GS Warriors
    3. I'm ineligible to win one the normal way

  5. dharr18
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    Being a Pirates fan, we never win anything. Oh wait, I'm not suppose to post why I will lose.

  6. We have a winner!

    The beagle has selected "Dharr18".

    Should Dharr18 not accept the prize for any reason, alternatives in descending order are:


    Thanks for all that played!