November 13, 2006

Friday's Faux Wedding: This Time It Doesn't Count

When my wife and I got married at the Oakland Temple in April of 2003, we somehow picked the absolute worst, most stormy, rainy and hailing day of the Spring. The weather was great the day before, the day after, and the following Saturday.

People keep telling us rain on our wedding day was good luck. But, needless to say, we didn't get any great photos outdoors. And when presented with the opportunity to get new photos taken, to help a friend who plans weddings for a living, we jumped at it this last week. Kristine, who now looks even better than ever, has slimmed down to the point she can't even wear her own wedding dress. As you ladies know, usually the wedding dress gets too small, not the other way around. But we found her one that fit her new, trimmer, figure, and I squeezed into the one suit that fits me (I'm not exactly losing weight...), and we were off.

With some friends we knew, and some we didn't, Kristine walked down the aisle in Half Moon Bay, in perfect weather. I waited next to the faux officiant, who held a lunch menu, disguised as our vows. While professional photographers snapped rolls of film, we pretended as if Friday was our big day, and complete strangers cheered. Then, we switched roles and cheered other faux brides and grooms. Pretty silly.

But while we're waiting for the real photos (some of which might be used in advertising the venue), we thought we'd share photos we wish we had had more than 3 1/2 years ago. As always, you can click any of the photos to open them in a new window and see them in more detail.
Bride Kristine in Dress With Bouquet

Bride Kristine With Bouquet On the Grass

The "Now-Married" Couple, Smooching

The "Now-Married" Couple, With Background

Wait! How did that one get in there? Molly!!!

OK, I admit I put that last one in. Everybody wants to know how our 16-year-old beagle is doing, and I liked this picture. She's doing very well, even though she had to stay home when we were on our trip. She clearly enjoys company, and the general requirements of being a house beagle.

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