November 12, 2006

Slowly Migrating to Web-based Blogger Engine

I've run the full gamut on RapidWeaver - the blog engine that powers this site. When I first got it, I thought it was a great tool. But when I continued to post with some regularity, it bogged down, and is now so slow, I get completely frustrated using it. Making the issue worse, RapidWeaver utilizes a proprietary file structure, making it impossible (as far as I know) to import and export my data - meaning that I can't easily migrate to TypePad or any other engine, should I want to. 

Given that my Web hosting provider ( doesn't provide MySQL access, my choices here are limited, but on further investigation, I've learned that Google's Blogger service enables remote FTP posting via the Web, and after some initial work, it looks like we can retain the domain name, and the vast majority of the site's look and feel, even after making a change. So we're already starting the move, and you can expect new posts here to be somewhat slowed as I start the manual process of moving over each of the 550+ posts over the last year to the new engine. I even have to redo nearly all the hyperlinks! (Just think how much fun that will be, given my proclivity for links) Thousands will need work!

Upon that move, I will need to ensure that some basic items, such as the RSS feeds, Feedblitz, and commenting are not broken. I expect the Haloscan comments engine will be replaced with Blogger. We'll see. Now, just as some on the Web are complaining about Blogger outages, I'm moving there. Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment.

See the work in progress here at a temporary URL:

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