November 13, 2006

SportsBlogs Nation Debuts Cal Bears Fan Site

Today, following in the successful footsteps of sites like Athletics Nation and Sactown Royalty, the sports blogs network debuted a site dedicated to the Cal Golden Bears, at, a tribute of course to Joe Starkey's famous call of the dramatic end to the 1982 Big Game against Stanford.

If I didn't already have a full-time job, I'd be jealous. Seeing the Cal Bears as an obvious gap in the hugely popular and rapid growing sports blogs family, I had considered contacting the network's owners and throwing my hat into the ring, but I knew I couldn't really devote any more time to fandom than I already do, casually at both AN and Sactown Royalty. But the debut of is a great thing - a one-stop destination to celebrate and mourn every Cal game, be it football, basketball, or anything.

Now, instead of voicing my excitement and frustrations here on this site, I can do so there, with an audience who similarly has bled blue and gold, and knows the difference between a Bruin and a real bear - an audience who understands the benefits of a real band, and an audience who walks the fine line of world class athletics, mixed with elite academics.

With Cal football potentially making it to the Rose Bowl this year, should they defeat USC and Stanford the rest of the way, it's already been a fun year for Cal fans. Now, things are even better.

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