August 03, 2011

Katango Brings 'Magic' Facebook List Creation to the Web

Less than a month after coming out of stealth mode and launching their smart auto grouping application for Facebook on iOS, Katango has extended its reach to the Web, letting users create, manage and publish algorithmically inspired lists on the world's largest social network.

As with its mobile application, the Web site scans your Facebook friends, and detects shared histories, connections and other similarities to automatically group sets of individuals. Katango does not automatically name the lists for you, and doesn't automatically post them to Facebook on your behalf either. That is up to you. But the system helps break down Facebook's well-known approach to public sharing, making it dramatically simpler to create targeted lists for more private sharing.

Katango on the Web detects my Facebook lists, suggests more

Of course, with Google+ gaining a great deal of attention in the last month, particularly for the user-generated circles that allow for selective sharing, comparisons between Google+ and Katango are practically required. But so far, Google circles are manually created by the user from scratch, and Katango is still a third party impacting Facebook, not exactly the native offering from the company.

One Smart List of Friends Generated by Katango

The biggest news out of the Web-based version launched this morning? Katango lists are now exportable directly to Facebook, so you can take these lists out of the app and start using them from within Facebook itself. But be aware by default, if your friends are included in a list, Katango will send them a note to say they have been. To disable this, go to "settings" on the Web and uncheck this notification capability.

Katango Tells My Facebook Friends I Made a New List

Katango helps eliminate the hassle of creating dedicated Facebook lists and makes selective sharing on the site a lot easier. As noted in my previous post, their guesses about shared connections are actually very good as well. Not perfect, of course, but 95% of what you need. If you're a Facebook addict and want to share with some people some of the time, but not all the people all the time, you definitely want to check out Katango on the Web. They're at