August 02, 2011

Facebook's Ginormous Like Button At HQ

Does the big thumbs up button outside Facebook's new headquarters in Menlo Park mean:
  1. Like our Campus on Facebook!
  2. Good luck to all who enter here?
  3. Good luck getting your data back out of the site?
  4. Trust us - seriously!
  5. I'm hitchhiking - please give me a ride across the Dumbarton to the East Bay.
Of note, for those not native to the Bay Area, or unfamiliar, Facebook's new HQ in Menlo Park takes over the campus from Sun Microsystems, now part of Oracle. The buildings are on Network Circle, appropriate for Sun, but if you're a tech dork like me who checked in at the new HQ on Foursquare, you'll see they call the street "Hacker Way". I wonder if they are going to get the name officially changed with the city?

Good luck! Thumbs up!

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