December 02, 2010

OneTrueFan Reaches Second Base With New Site & Badges

My favorite and most useful browser extension in the world is OneTrueFan. The Web history tracker and sharing tool which launched at the end of September has been a must-install for me on any browser that I use (including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Rockmelt) - letting me gauge my own Web usage history against my peers, share interesting stories to downstream social sites, and in a fun way, discover what sites my friends frequent that I don't, while also learning which sites we have a mutual affinity for. The site just revamped with a major refresh of its offering, helping to quickly surface user statistics, history, fanned sites, and like many services, earned badges.

OneTrueFan's data on my Web browsing history is exhaustive. Just as Blippy tracks my expenditures, and Foursquare tracks my check-ins from place to place, OneTrueFan shows the sites I visit, rewarding me with little alerts saying I've reached the "Level 2" patch on one site, or "earned the Second Base" patch on another. And as my own statistics are increasing, so to is the data on the sites themselves. OneTrueFan's latest Web revamp now clearly displays site leaderboards and activity streams for specific domains (Examples: Twitter and Google).

Three Individuals' OneTrueFan Statistics

While people once acted surprised at tracking people's habits in spending and traveling with the other services, it might seem curious why other friends' Web activity would be of interest to me. But I've been intrigued to see how much other people rely on tech and business publications more than I would have anticipated, or find lesser-known interests, as I find friends who view sports sites, play fantasy football, or share hobbies foreign to me.

One Of My Fanned Sites, Google, With My Stats

As a site owner (see this blog's OTF page), I can now see who else is a fan of the site, having accrued 20 points or more, and who is sharing content from the site. The resulting leaderboard is reminiscent of MyBlogLog, and it should be, as it shares a similar pedigree.

My Pied Piper Patches on OneTrueFan

Like Foursquare, some of the Patches earnable on OneTrueFan are not entirely clear as to their origin, but they will no doubt be in high demand from active users. I've somehow managed 23 "Pied Piper" patches, presumably from leading people back to a site, and 7 "Commitment" patches, which come from visiting a site for 30 consecutive days, or so I'm told. And I've gotten to Second Base with 89 separate domains. Cool, I think.

If you're not using OneTrueFan, I recommend in the strongest terms that you do. And if you're worried about privacy, just remember you can hide any activity you want at any time. Besides, there's always Incognito Mode. Find the new OneTrueFan at