December 02, 2010

Follow NFL Football With Game Center on Android

Professional sports leagues are warming up quickly to mobile customers who can't be at the game or in front of their TV sets at home. The MLB At Bat application is a top program on iPhones, iPads and Android phones alike, and is so good, I swear I bought it three times - once for each platform. With baseball on hiatus in lieu of NFL contests on the gridiron, leatherheads can get their football fill with the NFL's answer - Game Center. With games being played on Thursday night in addition to Sunday, Sunday Night and Monday night, you could spend a lot of quality time with your favorite phone and favorite team, starting this evening.

Game Center Scores and Current Game Status

Like most sports score oriented applications, the central starting point for Game Center is today's scoreboard, along with the option to see past weeks' results and next weeks' schedule. But live game updates are where the app delivers the most value. You can jump into games being played to grab the game's current situation, view play by play, and relive top plays from the game, including audio.

Play by play and Other Highlights in Game Center

Lest the current game be in timeout or halftime, you can tap over to read headlines and blogs from around the league, view press conference videos, or see high quality photographs from other games - including, yes, cheerleaders, if you're into that.

News and Audio Highlights in Game Center

Like its MLB equivalent, the NFL app is not free, but worth it if you want a single place to catch up with the entire league, or simply want to check in on how your favorite fantasy players are doing. The premium version is $4.99, while the light version is free.

Find the app on AndroidZoom.

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