November 18, 2010

Facebook Recruiting Video Promises Bold Vision, Potential

With a much reported "War for Talent" under way in the Valley's largest tech companies, the companies making their case for the best and brightest minds are tapping into their culture and the employees themselves to make a solid case why you should join their team. Twitter launched a recruiting video in early August, and Google has more than 2,000 job listings for interested prospects. Not to be left out, social networking giant Facebook posted a video earlier this week helping to show they think their efforts are far from complete - even after growth beyond 500 million members.

The video's main points from CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others?
  1. You don't need a lot of experience to make a big difference.
  2. Be bold, because what's being attempted has never been done.
  3. You can touch the lives of hundreds of millions every day.
  4. The company maintains a "David vs. Goliath" feeling.
  5. Passionate individuals can champion ideas, regardless of org chart.
  6. Facebook is about empowering human connections.
  7. The devices you use should feel like there are people there, and they are conduits to people you know.
The video is embedded below.

In the video, Zuckerberg says, "It's really early. If you look at the type of information that people share, it's all very simple. The amount of context that people can have about the world around them, the type of sharing that people want to be able to do, the type of things that you want to be able to learn about the people around you, it's really just getting started."

I was personally pleased to see FriendFeed alumni Bret Taylor and Sanjeev Singh, both previous Googlers, featured.

Like Twitter's fun, this too is a convincing video that just might make you jealous you don't have an address, and it just might encourage some folks on the fence about sending their resume to Palo Alto to do just that.

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