June 13, 2010

Qwotebook Gets Qwotes In, Qwotes Out, Adds Advisors

Following Qwotebook's soft launch in March and public unveiling a month ago, the service, driven by notable quotes from people past and present, was profiled on Venturebeat as "Bartlett's of the blogosphere", and now, over the weekend, rolled out a number of new features to ease the addition of new entries. Also added to the service? A small board of advisors, featuring Ethan Zohn, Shira Lazar, and me. The three of us will be teaming up with Drew Olanoff and the service's developers to grow the site into a vibrant repository of memorable lines.

Drew and I worked together previously on ReadBurner (which was essentially put on hold at the end of 2009), and have become good friends, while he battled Hodgkin's Lymphoma and launched BlameCancer.com, helping to kick the omnipresent disease to the curb. Despite the fact Drew and I get along well, he knows I will push him, as we will be collaborating to make the service a very interesting one.

Drew Tweets to QwoteBook Using @qwoted

Among the feature enhancements added to the site in recent days are two memorable ones, which I'll call "Tweet in" and "Tweet out". If you have registered with the site and added your Twitter credentials, you can send any qwote to your Twitter stream. Even more interesting is the opportunity to send a qwote to Twitter and have it land on Qwotebook, very easily.

The Qwote Lands on Qwotebook

To do so, just post a tweet starting with @qwoted, the body of the qwote and then the Twitter handle of the originator. See below for an example. At that point, the "@qwotebot" will go to work, match the IDs to names and post it to the site.

Sending a Qwote to Qwotebook is This Easy

Advising the Qwotebook team is something I will be doing on my own time, and is not associated with Paladin Advisors Group. The Qwotebook advisory role joins similar positions with SocialToo, MyLikes and TeensInTech. A previous role with BuzzGain ended when it was acquired by Meltwater Group earlier this year.

You can find me on Qwotebook at http://qwotebook.com/louisgray/. I hope you find value in the site and will start qwoting. It's actually a lot of fun. As you can anticipate, any future coverage will have the appropriate disclosures.