June 11, 2010

InfoSmack Podcast: Apple iPhone vs. Android, HTC EVO

Following general release of the HTC Evo last week, and the revelation of iPhone 4 at WWDC from Apple on Monday, the smartphone wars are in full swing. Being among the first to have the HTC Evo, thanks to attending Google I/O, it seems everywhere I go, people are asking about my choice to make Android my primary mobile OS, and putting the iPhone aside. My quick comments on iPhone 4 Monday got a lot of attention, especially thanks to my comment that developers should start coding for Android ahead of Apple's platform. (See responses from JMetz.com, The Apps Lab, Ken Yarmosh and Daring Fireball for example...)

While you heard some of my thoughts on EVO vs. iPhone when Chris Saad and I spoke last week, I expounded on my thoughts when talking with Greg Knieriemen of Chi Corporation and Marc Farley of 3Par and StorageRap.com on a new episode of the Infosmack podcast this evening. We talked about the prospects for Apple, Google, Windows Mobile, and Android in general. For guys who generally talk about enterprise products and the datacenter, they did a great job talking consumer today. I hope you find value.

You can listen in below: