March 12, 2010

Cadmus Adds Twitter Lists Support, Including Trends

Cadmus, the Twitter filter and conversation collector we have covered a few times on the site, has just introduced support for Twitter lists, providing personalized trending topics by list and conversations from that list, giving you an instant update as to what your friends or a specific group of friends are talking about on Twitter. Also, in parallel with the start of the SXSW Interactive 2010 event in Austin, Cadmus has created a dedicated page for speakers at SXSWi.

We've recently seen Twitter introduce trending topics by geography, a good move beyond the worldwide trending topics the company has featured since their acquisition of Summize in 2008. But the trending topics are not yet personalized for you, all those you follow, or by specific list. Cadmus takes these trends a step further with what they call "Personal Trending Topics" and yes, trends by each list you follow.

For me, the personal trending topics I see in Cadmus today are: "#sxsw, Twitter, sxsw, Austin, iPad, news, #media, iPhone, #ff and #followfriday".

If I change my view to the "TopTechBloggers" list, the trending topics for that list show me: "sxsw, #sxsw, iPad, Twitter, austin, #triout, iPhone, new post, #sbs2010 and #NCchevySXSW". Meanwhile, the "awesomesocial" list from Josh Elman is talking about: "#sxsw, austin, sxsw, #gdc, San Francisco, sf, new blog post, iPhone, #startupvisa and api".

So yes, clearly most of those people I follow and list are talking about SXSW.

Top Conversations In my TopTechBloggers List

Within each list, you can still see the grouped conversation that Cadmus is known for. I can see that Mathew Ingram of ReadWriteWeb got 11 responses to a recent query on Twitter, and see that Mashable continues to get 100+ retweets to most of their posts. But instead of seeing all 100, Cadmus groups them under the originating tweet to reduce the noise - as is their hallmark.

While you're checking out Cadmus' updates, also be sure to see their dedicated page for SXSW speakers here:

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