December 16, 2009

Videos: Talking About Advertising, Social Media in Business

A few weeks ago, I sat down with good friend Sunshine Mugrabi, and she picked my brain on a number of topics, ranging from the best ways for businesses to leverage social media, to my thoughts on relevancy, social networks, advertising on blogs and Web services. After some editing (which makes it sound like I am talking only with myself), she posted both videos in a pair of posts on her site. (Part One and Part Two)

While I am just going to have to ignore the non-glorious look I have in the paused frames of both videos, some of the content might actually be relevant to you. So check them out if you like. You can find Sunshine on her blog, and on Twitter at

Louis Gray on Advertising from Sunshine Mugrabi on Vimeo.

Louis Gray on Participating in Social Media from Sunshine Mugrabi on Vimeo.

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