November 12, 2009

Social Networks' Traffic Stabilizes, Facebook Nears Yahoo!

Facebook Up Slightly, MySpace and Twitter Flat to Down

Despite November being nearly half over, the monthly traffic statistics from October have just been released by, and it looks like there are no major surprises in the social networking arena. Despite the recent improvements and continued hype, traffic to decreased slightly, by 2 percent, month over month, tracking at the level it saw in June of this year, and lower than the previous three months. Facebook, the #3 site overall worldwide, behind only Yahoo! and Google, climbed more than 3 percent, to almost 129 million, while MySpace stayed steady around 50 million unique visitors (15th overall).

FriendFeed and Posterous Decline - While Twine Plunges

Where one saw more movement was in the lower tiers, as FriendFeed continued its descent following the Facebook acquisition, shedding nearly 7 percent of visitors, dropping below the 700k mark, from a one-time peak above 1 million, and Posterous dropped more than 12 percent, showing just under 1.2 million visitors. Twine, which once peaked above 2 million, is now just over 120,000.

Yahoo!'s Slow Decline Comes as Facebook Rises Toward the #2 Spot

Facebook's slow but steady growth actually has them looking less in the rear view mirror, toward companies like Twitter (who scored 23 million uniques vs. Facebook's 129 million) and more at the big gun right ahead of them - Yahoo!, which continued its slow descent, dropping just over 1 percent, to 135 million unique visitors. In fact, one more month with the same trajectory would have both networks tied at about 133 million visitors, so we could see a change in placement come November.

Google's Position at #1 Remains Unchallenged (Shown With YouTube)

Unsurprisingly, Google reported in at #1, again, counting almost 150 million unique visitors in the month, according to Compete (which in my opinion is probably low). In addition, the company's YouTube subsidiary tracked just under 85 million unique visitors, good enough for the #5 position worldwide on its own. GMail continued its climb to another 9.3 million visitors, up 98% from this point last year.

Surprisingly, GMail's position is more than 3 times higher than that of, which has even been surpassed by Apple's MobileMe e-mail offering. sported 3.5 million visitors, growing 98% year over year, contrasted with Hotmail's 2.5 million, which decreased 7 percent, according to Compete.

LinkedIn Stays Hot - See Versus Twitter

Interestingly, during the recession, with high unemployment, traffic increased 3.3 percent in the month to 15.5 million unique visitors, up 89% on the year., the massive job site, tracked in with 41.5 million unique visitors, good for #20 in the world, up 47% on the year.

Some other sites of note:
  • traffic tracked at 21.4 million, compared to 15.5 million for and 13.4 million for
  • traffic decreased less than 1 percent, up 57% on the year, good for 43 million uniques.
  • traffic was flat, with only 2.8 million unique visitors.
Disclaimer: Compete statistics are known to be imperfect, but they are always interesting.