October 25, 2009

Twitter Snags Platform Manager Josh Elman From Facebook

Twitter has made yet another high profile acquisition to its executive ranks, as tomorrow, Josh Elman joins the microblogging powerhouse after nearly two years as Facebook's Platform Program Manager, gaining a role as one of Twitter's small team of product managers. The move is a big win for Twitter, who has been working to improve the company's interaction with its development community after running lean for the last year-plus.

Prior to joining Facebook in March of 2008, Elman headed product management at Zazzle for three years. He also has history at LinkedIn and RealNetworks dating back to 1997.

Pulling off the LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter trifecta is a rare one, but the Valley is dotted with tech geeks who can count their current homes as Twitter or Facebook, but also sport both Google and Yahoo! on their resume.

Twitter Welcomes Josh to the Team Via a List

Rumors about Elman's joining Twitter had been bubbling in the tech backchannels in recent days, and while he has not yet made announcement of the move, thanks to Twitter's new list feature, you could see his account added to the company's official Twitter team late tonight. That Twitter "Team" list now sports 113 members, including part-time contractors.

Word of the News Has Been Out on the Street for A While

Elman was first reported to have left Facebook in a story on Inside Facebook that posted in mid-September. The article said he and Facebook left on positive terms.

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