August 10, 2009

Steven Hodson and I Talk FacebookFeed: Our Initial Reactions

In my small little world, the news that Facebook had acquired FriendFeed has been the equivalent of a social news tsunami. No sooner did the news break then did I get a swarm of phone calls looking for my response - with people asking if their data would be safe, if I would delete my account, if I could handle acting the same way on Facebook as I have done on FriendFeed for almost two years.

You saw my initial thoughts, as I compared Facebook to the sweaty lunkhead who somehow attracted the perfect girl, which were part tongue in cheek, but fun to write. In parallel, I've seen posts fly from many people around the Web, some deeply invested in FriendFeed, and others, not so much. One of the guys who I respect, and have traded ideas with for the better part of four years, is Steven Hodson, the often-cranky author of Shooting At Bubbles and writer at The Inquisitr.

He and I connected this evening and talked about the deal. He thinks the selling of FriendFeed was inevitable, and I'm not so sure.

With the goal of keeping the call crisp, it times in at less than 20 minutes. Hopefully, it will be the first of many. Enjoy.

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