June 09, 2009

FFundercats Podcast Episode 32: Things That Make You Go Bing

In April, we had the opportunity to first take part in the epic whirlwind of social media fun that is the FFundercats, FFundercats, a project undertaken by Josh Haley and Johnny Worthington, who have teamed up to create a fun weekly show centered around all things FriendFeed. At that time, they claimed I tried to "drop science" and explain how we operate in this real-time world. Missing the duo, I begged, pleaded and bribed the pair to be back on this last Friday, and, luckily they let me return.

Friday's podcast focused on some of the major topics you have seen us discuss in the last few weeks, including the "Blame Drew's Cancer" phenomenon, my new (used) car, the introductions of Google Wave and Microsoft Bing, as well as other items that keep FriendFeed's community going. And, as per usual, there was a highly active chat throughout the show, which you can find here.

You can check out the podcast on the FFundercats site, or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

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