April 19, 2009

FFundercats Podcast Episode 25: Dropping Science

With ReadBurner Weekly Live still on hiatus and the Elite Tech News series on a quasi-permanent hold, it's been too long of a break between getting the opportunity to participate in a regular podcast. On Friday, I was lucky enough to be invited to partake in FFundercats, a project undertaken by Josh Haley and Johnny Worthington, who have teamed up to create a fun weekly show centered around all things FriendFeed. After 24 episodes were in the bag, I finally got to join, and as you can tell, should you take the time to listen, we really had a good time.

Over the last several months, Josh and Johnny have helped bridge the geeky tech Web Silicon Valley world I tend to live in with a more entertaining and social part of the site. And while I have to admit they give me way too much credit throughout the podcast and are far too gracious, I always enjoy a good challenge in terms of them firing questions and my trying to come up with reasonable answers that aren't too cheeky.

Friday's podcast, which covered our introduction to FriendFeed, speculation around monetization, and new features, including filters and direct messages, was held in parallel with what turned out to be the most active comment thread - ever - on the site, launching more than 1,600 entries. (See the amazing thread here)

Clearly there is a very active community on this site who knows how to have a good time and not take themselves too seriously. You can check out the podcast on the FFundercats site, or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. And when you're done, click this crazy link.

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