May 11, 2009

Remind Yourself Who You Hate With Twitter's New Blocking API

By Jesse Stay of Stay N' Alive (Facebook/FriendFeed)

A little while back Louis shared the importance of not holding a grudge, encouraging the readers to try to maintain relationships regardless of any blips that may occur during that relationship. Twitter just released an API which, if you're one to hold grudges, could rub it in a little further through applications which choose to use it.

The Twitter Blocking API enables Twitter Platform developers to retrieve a list of all the users any authenticating user has blocked, enabling them to help you manage the past blocks you may have forgotten about. Fortunately, developers can only retrieve lists of users authenticated users have blocked and not just any user. This means you can only see those you blocked, and your friends can't see that list. The methods released only allow developers to retrieve a list of users blocked, or if a specific block has occurred between the authenticating user and another Twitter user.

A couple weeks ago Louis shared some interesting statistics found from screenshots of the Twitter administrative interface, taken by a hacker that found a way to get into their system. Some of those statistics included the numbers Britney Spears and Barack Obama had blocked. While users won't be able to tell this information with the new API, Britney herself could keep track of that information herself through tools such as Tweetie or TweetDeck or Seesmic Desktop.

It will be interesting to see how developers find ways to use this new API, and which apps choose to utilize the new information. It should be noted that not even the Twitter UI has this information currently.

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