May 23, 2009

Chart Your Favorite Films of All Time With Flickchart

What movie did you like better - Forrest Gump or Pulp Fiction? What about Pulp Fiction or Star Wars? Star Wars or Rocky? Rocky or Schindlers' List? Toy Story or Field of Dreams?

Before you start to tell me that you can't compare the films because they're "totally different", know that deep down, you really do like one more than the other, and if forced, you could make a choice. Flickchart, a fun crowdsourced site focused on the film industry, will have you making decisions like that over and over again, helping you find and rank your favorite films of all time, and seeing how your choices compare to those of your friends, and the community at large.

Given it's a Memorial Day weekend, and movies have always been a tradition for this holiday, Flickchart is opening up in limited release to readers of this site if you use this link to get in - getting you a headstart of a few weeks to the general population.

Pick one. Which do you like better?

The premise of Flickchart is fairly simple, to start. Once you have registered, Flickchart presents you with two posters representing two films. If you have seen both films, and have a preference as to which was better, click the poster of the one you like more. If you haven't seen one, click below to say you haven't seen it, or click "Haven't seen either" to dismiss both.

Flickchart thinks it knows my favorite films.

As you choose films over one another, they start to file themselves in your all time favorites. Simply put, if you rate a movie ahead of one you had previously at #8 overall, the new film will take #8's spot, bumping it down to #9. It's survival of the fittest. This becomes especially important when you are faced with a quandary such as rating your #5 overall film against a cult classic. You may want to pick the cult classic, knowing you enjoyed it, but you will have to live with the potentially false consequence of the film living in your #4 slot for all the world to see.

Dang. Hoosiers, or Field of Dreams? I'm going with the baseball.

Flickchart lets you do more than just select from all time favorites. You can choose from one of the movie industry's many sub-genres, including Horror, Comedy and Drama to pit similar films against one another. You can even rate movies from specific decades or even a single year - helping find your personal favorites for the 1980s, or even the year 1997. (Here's mine for the 1980s and 1990s)

Global Flickchart data for The Shawshank Redemption

As you go, Flickchart remembers how many times a specific movie has "Won" in your rankings, as well as how often all Flickchart users have had that movie win. For example, Star Wars, one of the most popular movies, has been ranked nearly 2,100 times by Flickchart users, of whom 93% report having seen it, and the film wins almost 76% of all matchups.

But if I feel that Star Wars, or any other movie, is too high or too low in my list, I can go directly to that film and force Flickchart to help me rank it - going head to head with three more films in a row. (Here's that link for Star Wars and the same for American Pie)

Force ranking Titanic against three other films in Flickchart.

All the accumulated data is sorted into charts that reflect the Flickchart community's preferences - selecting "The Best Movies of All Time" down to "The Worst Movies of All Time". You can also see the community's feedback by year or decade. (See: 2009 or 1997 for years and 1990s or 1970s for decades.)

The world's best films, according to Flickchart users.

It's likely also no surprise that the site keeps tabs on users who are most active, or have gained the most popularity through friend connections, like any good social network. Some of the most active users have made thousands of movie selections.

Flickchart is more than just a Hot or Not for movies. It's a fun way to tap your brain and see if you really know just what type of films you like, and how that sets you apart from the world at large. It will have you making the hard decisions - did you like Good Will Hunting or A Few Good Men? Good Morning Vietnam or Goodfellas?

Get started with this exclusive link. Find me at: And should you find any bugs, remember it's a new service and they are very responsive to those I've found.

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