March 30, 2009

10 People To Follow On FriendFeed For The Month Of March

My tag team partner in crime, Mike Fruchter, who I hope will be returning to top speed once again soon, is still letting real life trump his online activities, so I'm pinch hitting in a vital role, with his permission, highlighting ten well-deserving FriendFeed users who bring consistently interesting items to the fore. This month's batch, as with others, highlights people you may already know, and some lesser-known but equally as deserving folks who have so far hidden from the limelight.

Previous FriendFeed members to follow lists, largely driven by Mike, can be found for the 2008 months of, July, September, November and December. The 2009 lists can be found for January and February.

Apologies for the lateness in the month... on with the list for March!

1) RAPatton

Short Bio: Robert Patton, an Ohio native, is a software architect and senior consultant at Optimum Technology, who can claim search engine design and e-commerce application development to his credit. He has a degree in computer science from Ohio State University, and is a father of two. A frequent sharer of items from UK-based publications, including the BBC, The Independent, the Daily Mail and The Telegraph, Robert, uncovers stories of interest to the community, well outside of the technology space, including updates on astronomy, health and Hollywood.

What they find interesting: Entertainment, News, Science

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2) Thomas Hawk

Short Bio: Thomas Hawk is the CEO of Zooomr, Inc., and is among the tech Web's most visible photographers. An East Bay resident, he is a popular blogger in his own right, and recently covered Oakland residents' violent response to a policeman's slaying of a youth at a BART station earlier this year - an incident predating this weekend's slayings of four police officers in the city. Thomas is widely considered an expert in photography in Silicon Valley and counts Robert Scoble as one of his proteges. (The two are pictured here with Chris Pirillo)

What they find interesting: Photography, Business

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3) Akiva Moskovitz

Short Bio: A recent father to a two and a half month old daughter, Akiva is the male half of the popular FriendFeed couple, including his wife, Rochelle. In addition to the updates on Audrey, who just so happens to share many of the same characteristics we like about our daughter, Sarah, you can see Akiva's comments on religion, technology and entertainment.

What they find interesting: Family, Photography

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4) Daniel Brusilovsky

Short Bio: Daniel Brusilovsky is the founder and CEO of Teens In Tech, a social media platform and community for teens, and a contributor to multiple Apple Macintosh projects, including the Apple Universe Podcast and MacMegasite. Daniel's young age shouldn't mask a deep interest and involvement in technology development and the startup culture - as he clearly displays excitement about meetings with entrepreneurs and seeing startups gain new rounds of capital.

What they find interesting: Technology, Social Media, Startups

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5) Bindu Reddy

Short Bio: Bindu is the founder of Likaholix, which shares many aspects of content discovery as FriendFeed does. Previous to Likaholix, Bindu was the head of product management for Google Docs and Sites, and was the first product manager at JotSpot. A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, Bindu also collected a Masters degree in Engineering from Dartmouth College.

What they find interesting: Music, Food, Technology

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6) Kevin Fox

Short Bio: Kevin Fox runs the design at FriendFeed, and previously worked at Google, bringing to life many of the applications you frequently use, including Google Reader and GMail. He also spent some time at Yahoo!, and long ago, wrote for the since passed on MacWeek magazine.

What they find interesting: Google, Technology, Travel, Politics, Photography

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7) Steve Rubel

Short Bio: Steve Rubel is a director at Edelman Digital, a worldwide public relations company. His Micro Persuasion blog, launched in 2004, is among the most cited in Marketing and PR departments when looking at social media trends. Prior to Edelman, Rubel worked at CooperKatz and company.

What they find interesting: Marketing, PR, Technology, Social Media

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8) Josh Haley

Short Bio: Josh Haley describes himself as a computer geek and music freak. He and his wife, Trish, design branded items, including clothing, in Houston, Texas. Josh is a University of Hawaii graduate, and one of the three leaders of a popular podcast called "FFundercats".

What they find interesting: Humor, Food, Family

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9) Stephen Foskett

Short Bio: Stephen Foskett is a technolgy analyst and IT consultant based in Ohio, who focuses primarily on storage and networking. He is a Microsoft MVP and contributes to multiple technology blogs and magazines.

What they find interesting: Cloud computing, storage, Apple, Sports

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10) Erin Kotecki Vest

Short Bio: Erin is the Producer of Special Projects for, and is a contributor to the Huffington Post. She previously spent ten years as a broadcast journalist in Los Angeles, Orlando and Detroit, and was a staunch Obama supporter during his campaign. She has two children.

What they find interesting: Politics, Technology, Women's Issues, Humor

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