February 09, 2009

10 People To Follow On FriendFeed For The Month Of February

By Mike Fruchter of MichaelFruchter.com (Twitter/FriendFeed)

It's February, so it's also time for this months members on FriendFeed list to follow. As with the previous lists, which you can find below, this list highlights ten members on FriendFeed who I feel are unique in their own ways and add value to the community. Some of these names might be familiar faces, some might not. For those of you who have been around on the site for a while, you might already be subscribed to some of these members. With the exception of three to four people, I have been following most of these members since I joined FriendFeed, close to one year now. In previous lists, I never highlighted these members, so it's their turn now. You will also find some fresh faces on this list as well. There is a good chance the majority reading this are following me on FriendFeed, but if you're not, you're more than welcome to subscribe to me. As long as you add some value, and contribute to the community, I will usually sub back.

Previous FriendFeed members to follow lists can be found for the 2008 months of, July, September, November and December. The 2009 lists can be found for January.

1) Andy Brudtkuhl

Short Bio: Andy is the founder and chief web guru at 48Web, a small web startup in Des Moines, IA. Andy coaches and consults businesses on a broad range of solutions including internet marketing using social media, and search engine optimization. He formulates smart and effective web strategies to help businesses get going online. He is also a passionate blogger who blogs frequently about technology and social media. I have been following Andy on FriendFeed for close to a year now, and reading his blog for about the same. This guy is a smart thinker, and knows his stuff. This is someone I would feel confident and strong with in helping me formulate an effective online advertising and marketing campaign for my business. On FriendFeed he shares content ranging from social media, local news, tech and a little of everything else. You can always find something of interest on his feed at any given time.

What they find interesting: SEO, Tech, Web Design, Web 2.0, Social Media, Podcasting

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:getanewbrowser.com

2) Anthony Farrior

Short Bio: Anthony has been in the computer field since 1999. During the day he provides desktop support services for the University of Penn Hospital. Anthony is a jack of all trades type. He is also an excellent freelance writer, previously writing for blackweb2.0 and thinkphillysports.com. Anthony has since started his own business, Solacetech LLC, which provides small businesses assistance with all facets of IT. He is Dell certified, strong with Windows and Linux, and can tackle any hardware/software/networking problem you throw at him. On top of all that, he blogs frequently on myphillynetwork.com about current news, technology, social media applications and whatever else comes to his mind. This guy keeps busy 24/7. Like Andy, I have been following Anthony on FriendFeed for close to a year. His feed is an eclectic mix of technology, social media, and current events.

What they find interesting: Technology, Social Media, Web 2.0, Hardware/Software

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog: myphillynetwork.com

3) Chris Charabaruk

Short Bio: Chris is a computer programmer with many years of development experience with games and open source projects. He is also an avid social media enthusiast. Chris hails from Pickering, Ontario, where in 2005 he co-founded the Toronto Independent Games Conference. TIGC provides educational and networking opportunities for game development professionals and those who would like to break into the game development industry. If you're looking for a talented, dedicated programmer, Chris is your go to guy. When I was playing games on my Commodore 64, Chris was writing code on it, enough said. Chris is very active on FriendFeed, and opinionated as well. If there is a technology or gaming thread going on, you can expect Chris to add his thoughts.

What they find interesting
: Technology, Social Media, Gaming, Software Development

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:coldacid.net

4) Derrick

Short Bio: Derrick is a coordinator in the film department at the Art Center College of Design, located in Pasadena, California. He is an avid writer, editor, blogger and bon vivant. Derrick is a popular and very creative FriendFeeder, a refreshing change from the social media side of FriendFeed where I happen to spend a majority of my time. On his feed there is always tons of likes and conversations ranging from food to Whitney Houston, to the evolution of Darwin's theory. If you're looking for the lighter side of FriendFeed, where people are conversating about things other than tech, head over to Derrick's feed, you won't be disappointed.

What they find interesting: Arts, Film, Food, Technology, Current Events, Humorous

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:randomscreaming.com/blog

5) Joe Dawson

Short Bio: Joe provides product support at Barclays Clearlybusiness, located in the United Kingdom. Joe is another FriendFeeder who I have been following since I joined the site. This seems to be the common theme in this month's list. Joe is also an avid social media enthusiast. You can always count on Joe popping in on FriendFeed when he is not at work or spending time with his kids. Scanning his feed from time to time often leads to something I missed in my Google Reader. Joe's feed pretty much consists of technology and social media related content, and the occasional pictures of his kids. Who does not love kids? FriendFeed shouldn't be about business 24/7 all the time, yes I'm guilty of this, but I love random family and kids pictures as well.

What they find interesting
: Social Media, Technology, Web 2.0

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:joedawsons.com

6) Kipp Bodnar

Short Bio:
Kipp is an account executive at Howard, Merrell & Partners, located in North Carolina. Kipp's background is in online public relations and web production including, Web site copy, podcasting scripts, blogging, and social media optimization. Kipp also co-hosts a weekly podcast at talksocialnews.com along with Wayne Sutton about news and innovations in social media.

What they find interesting
: Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking, Web 2.0, Technology

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:digitalcapitalism.com

7) Lindsay Donaghe

Short Bio: Lindsay currently works for GoDaddy.com as C# .Net Engineer. She has been a developer for over 14+ years, and is a true geek in terms of tech. Her first language is English, second is C#. She also has extensive graphic and user interface design experience. There is not much this girl can't do, and would make even the most techie of techs looks amateur. She is also married to Tad,who started the FriendFeed meme phenomenon and is technical wizard in his own right. Lindsay is a favorite to many on FriendFeed. She is very engaged in the community and very vocal, if she has an opinion she states it. Her feed runs the gamut from photography to current events, to odd and interesting content.

What they find interesting: Programing, Technology, Design, Web 2.0, Humorous

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:macrolinz.com/macrolinz

8) Lu Tao

Short Bio: Lu is a product director at ChinaHR, China's leading job board which happens to be a Monster.com company. Lu is always in the background, often in stealth mode. When you least expect it, he strikes. Lu shares content relating to technology, marketing, global events and corporation related news. He is pretty much all business on FriendFeed, and that's fine with me. He is more of an active liker than conversation starter. When he likes something, it's usually a must see and or something that I shouldn't have missed.

What they find interesting
: Technology, Online Recruiting, Marketing, Web 2.0, Statistics

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9) Shevonne

Short Bio: Shevonne is a freelance writer. She has been assisting private companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations with their writing and editing needs. She has written government proposals and documentation for agencies such as the Department of State and the Homeland Security Institute. She keeps busy writing and being a mother of two children who are ages five and seven. Being a full time writer, it's a natural fit that she has a passion for movies and books, you can read her reviews here. She is highly active on FriendFeed and truly a great asset to the community.

What they find interesting
: Art, Movies, Books, Writing, Technology, Variety

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:dcfemella.com/blog

10) V Mary Abraham

Short Bio: Mary is a Lawyer who works for Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, a New York City law firm. She also practices and is a top resource for knowledge management. Mary is a sharp thinker and is in a league of her own. When she is not working on corporate and tax knowledge managements at work, you can find her discussing KM on her blog. Head over to her blog and be prepared to learn something new. She is also becoming more active on FriendFeed. She is a lawyer, she cant be spending all day on the site, but when she is on FriendFeed, she adds value and insight to the community. She also recently reached the one year mark for blogging, and is someone who is always willing to listen and learn new things, see not all lawyer's are evil.

What they find interesting
: Knowledge Management, Law, Social Media, Technology

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