February 17, 2009

TweetDeck: You Autocomplete Me (And User Names as Well)

TweetDeck's debut was a big one in terms of introducing a new way to absorb even the most active of Twitter accounts, through a column-based AIR desktop application, and the addition of groups, which let you break the stream down into smaller chunks. And last week, we talked about its addition of automatic translation and more. But developer Iain Dodsworth can make small updates as well.

The next iterative release of TweetDeck, which you can snag here, adds the ability to autocomplete Twitter user names any time you type "D" for a direct message, or an @ anywhere in the tweet.

Immediately, a small box will pop up and with the more letters you type, TweetDeck will display all that fit the string. It doesn't just look for first letters either, so if you type 'gray', you'll get @louisgray, not just all names that start with @gray, for instance.

See Iain's video below:

If you're sending a tweet to a friend whose name you type often, the autocomplete might actually slow you down, but if you're unsure on the spelling, or it's a long name, TweetDeck has found yet another way to enhance your Twitter experience. It will be included in the next full TweetDeck release if you're not the type to play with early builds.