February 09, 2009

12 News Analysis Blips That Don't Warrant a Full Post

1. Real-time search (via Twitter, etc.) is complementary to Google search, not a replacement.
2. Facebook offering portable status updates is a feature, not a game-changer.
3. Alex Rodriguez is a cheater who is only sorry because he was caught, not because he used.
4. The Australian fires are horrific. So is seeing an ad prior to news covering the disaster.
5. Shocker: FriendFeed is not perfect. But it has more potential than people give it credit.
6. Apparently Micah Baldwin goes into strip clubs to study... economics.
7. Every piece of social software is jealous of TweetDeck.
8. Black History month or not, I'm a fan of Derrick, Corvida, Shey, Wayne Sutton & Bwana.
9. Mike Fruchter has extended his "Forty Elements of Social Media" post to a detailed slideshow.
10. Rumor has it that Google is laying off engineers. Matt Cutts is skeptical.
11. Step 1: Be named Fortune's best to work for. Step 2: cut 6 percent of staff.
12. Consensus on Mini-Microsoft revealing his face from under anonymity is that he shouldn't.

Of course, when I don't have enough time to cover it all, just follow along with my Google Reader Link Blog or see the updates on FriendFeed.