December 11, 2008

The Zune Phone Is Not Pink

By Mona Nomura of Pixel Bits (FriendFeed/Twitter)

The Zune phone is not pink, and I am not talking about the actual color.

"Pink" is the code name of Microsoft's latest secret project that has everyone buzzing. There is speculation "Pink" is the new Zune phone. Or is it simply software? Only Microsoft knows the answer, and the rest of us can only guess.

I am a Zune phone nay-sayer, especially at this time. Back in October, I expressed how a Zune phone would not make sense for two major reasons:


It would make a lot of WinMo hardware partners unhappy if a Zune phone was launched in January - unless WinMo 7 is ready to launch January 7th (CES). Which means there should already be WinMo 7 mock-ups and demo phones. If so, where are the rumors and leaks?

PlayReady (DRM)

Microsoft has yet to move its own DRM system PlayReady into the Zune. Can Microsoft's mobile team...
  1. Implement PlayReady
  2. Integrate the PlayReady Zune prototype into a phone
  3. Successfully integrate the Danger OS and the Zune
  4. Launch WinMo 7 simultaneously as the Zune phone
... in less than a month?

Perhaps I am completely off the mark and Microsoft: is simply going to forget PlayReady existed (PlayReady has been hibernating since its announcement in 2007), is planning to disregard licensees, roll-out WinMo 7, all for a... phone.

Yeah, sure. And Steve Ballmer is monkey dancing, live, three feet away from me.

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