December 17, 2008

Fidelity Puts Lipstick On My Investment Pigs

Given the stock market's nonsense, it's a rare person who is happy with their 401k's performance, and I'm no exception. While my return has increased a good 10 percent or so from hitting bottom about a month ago, every dollar put into my Fidelity fund through the year has essentially been turned into sixty cents. With Americans feeling the pinch and looking to preserve cash and stay conservative, Fidelity e-mailed today to say they're changing the name of some of the funds I've been part of. The main change? Removing the word "Aggressive".

As the screenshot below shows, Fidelity is changing the "Fidelity Aggressive International Fund" to "Fidelity International Capital Appreciation Fund" and the "Fidelity Aggressive Growth Fund" to "Fidelity Growth Strategies Fund".

The reason, they write in an e-mail is to "create more consistency across the equity fund product line" although no changes are expected in the funds' objectives, strategy or management, an odd note, considering the Aggressive Growth Fund is down 43.85% this year, and the Aggressive International Fund is down a similar amount.

So... should I feel my money is safer, now that the word "Aggressive" has been replaced with "Capital Appreciation" and "Strategies"? I'm just hoping this isn't the first step, leading from "Aggressive" to "Capital Appreciation" to "Maintaining" to "Losing Slightly" to "Bankruptcy Quickening".

Thanks Fidelity! Good to know my money, or what's left of it, is safe and secure.