October 23, 2008

Gmail: Eight Articles With Useful How-Tos, Tips and Tricks

By Mona Nomura of Pixel Bits (FriendFeed/Twitter)

Even if I've had past issues with Gmail, I am still a huge Gmail junkie and advocate. I'm always on the hunt for any uselful tips, tricks, HOW-TOs for a better user experience.

I've listed 8 Gmail related articles compiled from the "Goodies Room" on FriendFeed. Even if you're a seasoned Gmail user, every article is filled with Gmail goodness and perhaps like me, you may learn something new. Enjoy!
  1. "13 Gmail Extensions for Firefox 3"
  2. "5 Gmail Labs Features Everyone Should Try"
  3. "Tip: Read Your Mail Without Touching Your Mouse"
  4. "Check if Your Gmail is Hacked with Activity Monitor"
  5. "Import Your Hotmail Messages into Gmail"
  6. "How to Make Your Gmail Contacts as Stand-alone"
  7. "Three Solid Gmail Productivity Tips"
  8. "Gmail Advanced IMAP Controls"
And as most of you know, Gmail now has auto-reply, dubbed "canned responses."

Do you have any tricks or tips I might have missed? If so, do share!

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