February 01, 2008

State of the Blog: January 2008 Recap

January 2008 In Summary (Archive Page)

Total stories published to date: 1,187

Total stories published in January: 58
(About 1.9 per day, up from 1.8 in December)

Total stories in January with comments: 37
(64% of all stories, up from 27 and 49% in December)

Total comments on January posts: 142
(About 2.4 per post, 3.8 per commented post)

Technorati Authority Ranking: 191 (up 65)
Feedburner Peak in Month: 438 subscribers (up 232)
Feedblitz E-mail Subscribers: 20 subscribers (up 5)
MyBlogLog Members: 50 (up 11)

Monthly Traffic Rank in Last 12: 1st overall, and a new record! (By far)

Blog Value Estimator: $107,827.14

January 2008 was one new record after another - more than 3x December.

Top Five Most Visited January Stories (According to Analog)

1. Mashable Uses A-List Power to Steal B-List Buzz
2. Can We Talk About Twitter for a Second?
3. ReadBurner, In Stealth Mode, Looking to Sort Shared Feed Items
4. Google Honors Building Blocks of the Non-Web Kind
5. I Don't Care About Macworld This Year

Others receiving votes: ReadBurner Keeps Improving With Stats and Upcoming Items, Robert Scoble to Kick Off Fast Company TV Wednesday, Mashable Promises to Upgrade Linking Policies, and The Data Ownership Wars Are Heating Up...

Top Five Visited Archive Stories (According to Analog)

1. 10 Predictions for 2008 In the World of Tech
2. Soft-Core Porn, Sex Themes Power Google Video
3. Watch Every Episode of The Simpsons Online - Free
4. Scoble's Link Blog Delivers An Influential 1 Percent
5. The Mac's Role In My Getting Married

January was a huge month for the blog, and intimidating in a few ways. As previously mentioned in The Downside to Raised Blog Expectations, I can't help but feel some pressure that comes with knowing the site's gaining momentum. We more than tripled our traffic in January versus the prior month, which in turn was the previous record. To put things in perspective, there were four individual days in January which had more visitors than all of January 2007's monthly total. That's ridiculous. Year over year, we're looking at growth above 1,000 percent. In the month, we got even more geeky, surprisingly. We helped launch ReadBurner, Rating Burner and Shared Reader. We announced Robert Scoble's Fast Company move before he did. We started working with fellow B-Listers on a custom Elite tech news Reddit. We had a public spat with one of the most-prominent blogs, and later made up. We gave up and finally joined Twitter. We remain addicted to FriendFeed and Google Reader, but are tantalized by AssetBar, and have enjoyed the early testing there. But while January was huge, trust me, we're not done. I've got some ideas already for February. Hope to see you here.

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