January 27, 2008

Google Honors Building Blocks of the Non-Web Kind

Google is well-known for modifying their logo to celebrate anniversaries or mark holidays. Today, with the 50th anniversary of the first Lego bricks, Google has edited their logo to be built out of Lego bricks, featuring a Lego figure atop the second "g". With so many engineers and techies on site in Mountain View, there's no question that many of them began their tinkering without computers, and many a youthful hour was spent in front of the popular children's toys.

Fifty years ago, few could have foreseen the way technology and the Web have transformed business, commerce and communication. And just five years ago, few would have guessed how critical a building block Google has become to just about every facet of our online lives - from finding information, posting information, sharing information, and saving information.

And five years from now, what we know of Google today might be a mere shadow of what the company is set to become. Today's Google might just be a building block, like the first lego in a structure, of something monumental.

After all, you can't spell Google without the L, E, G and O.

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