January 05, 2008

New FriendFeed Fans Group Started on Facebook

With FriendFeed rapidly gaining momentum, there's no question the service is accruing its share of fans, myself included. With that in mind, I created a new group on Facebook to provide a platform for FriendFeed Fans to get together, share links, suggestions and help promote this next generation distributed broadcast medium.

You can find the new group here: Facebook: FriendFeed Fans

In case you thought I was just about the only one enamored with FriendFeed, check out the following links:

Alex Gawley:
I Love FriendFeed
Charles Hudson:
FriendFeed and Plaxo Pulse - FriendFeed Is My Preference and it Reminds Me of Twitter
You Should Probably Be Using FriendFeed

If you're not on FriendFeed yet, you should be. See my feed and sign up.
If you're not on Facebook, more power to you. But if you are, then join FriendFeed Fans today.


  1. I've been giving friendfeed a try this weekend, but the bummer is your my only friend on it. Does it start to replace what you used to do on Google Reader? Seems like there's some overlap.

  2. you're, not your. ha.

  3. It won't replace Google Reader. What it does do is let you further follow and engage with friends. You can comment or like items, you can see if they're doing more than just sharing items, but if they use Twitter, or post on Flickr, etc. You can even use their toolbar to post items directly to the feed.

    It will be boring if I'm the only friend you have. Start by clicking my profile and see who I'm subscribed to. Click their profiles and see if they would be people you found interesting...