December 23, 2007

Sunday Spikes Belie Day of "Rest"

Over the last 30 days, my three most highly-trafficked days on the blog are Sundays. Although typically, one can expect lower numbers of visitors on the weekend, with Saturday trailing Sunday, it's been this traditional "day of rest" that's gained the most activity over the last three weeks.

As you can see in the above graph, it seems my Saturday activity has often led to Sunday traffic, first with commenting on Feedheads' growth to 10,000 users two weeks ago, to the AssetBar preview last week. And for some reason, that story has resurged today, with StumbleUpon visitors once again giving it a whirl.

While I'm still no A-lister or record breaker, I love finding stories in the statistics, and SiteMeter is showing us an interesting one here. How are your Sundays shaping up? Is this an aberration, or a trend?