November 22, 2007

Blogosphere Vacation KOs RSS Feeds, Down 60%

I don't believe we've yet reached the stage where one family member will Twitter from one side of the table to "Pass the Gravy" and another will update their Facebook status to complain the turkey "is" a bit dry. In fact, when the real world takes a vacation, it appears the blogosphere does as well in a big way. Using my Google Reader stats as one non-scientific measure, the total number of new items in my RSS feeds dropped by more than 50 percent from a typical Thursday, and you could see total traffic beginning to trend downwards as early as Tuesday this week.

On a typical Thursday, I read about 700 new items from my RSS feeds. According to Google Reader, Thursday is my 2nd-most busy day, behind only Wednesday, in this metric. But today, with about an hour left in Thanksgiving, we haven't yet broken through the 300 barrier.

(Note the above graphic has highlighted Saturday and Sunday in light blue. Today is red.)

That's not to say nothing has happened today. Mashable reported on some of the year's failures, and Robert Cringely covered Apple's patent settlement with Burst, while others pontificated on a rumor that News Corp. might be looking to add LinkedIn to its stable, next to MySpace, in a two-pronged attack against Facebook.

I expect tomorrow to be light as well, as most people took a four-day weekend. While the stock markets will be open, real business won't kick back up until next Monday. Should make for a pretty slow weekend on the Web.

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