October 01, 2007

MacBook Pro Keyboard Locks Me Out

Here I am, all excited about my new Apple tech toy, and it's making me feel like a chump, after all the good things I said about it just yesterday.

I successfully loaded all programs and files last night, whittling the available space on the hard drive to a mere 129 Gigabytes. But after a morning's work at home, I came in to the office, and have been completely stuck since - as the laptop isn't responding to any keyboard or trackpad input, and at the same time, the laptop's fans are whirring noisily below. A pair of restarts and a single shut down later, and I'm still feeling like world's biggest Apple fanboy moron.

After about 30-45 minutes of messing with this, I finally unhooked a USB keyboard and mouse from the old G4 desktop and attached it to the MacBook Pro, so the laptop is sitting in front of the USB keyboard, making things awkward and ridiculously duplicitous.

So far, Apple's support site hasn't been much help, nor has any amount of Google searching, System Preference manipulation, or random key hitting. For now, while I can use the USB keyboard, it's no kind of long-term solution, and I'd have to say I'm seriously annoyed.

UPDATE: According to Apple's support site, I'm not the only one with the issue... and so far, the only solution is to get it repaired. Not good!
Any Mac fans out there who have a good suggestion for me so the MacBook Pro's first day isn't ruined?


  1. Ouch. That is annoying! I would fully take advantage of the fact you just bought it and get a new one ASAP.

  2. We're now about 3-4 hours into it, and still no fix. I even took the battery out and tried that. Nothing. Part of me wants to think it'll be resolved quickly and never happen again, but the rest of me is realistic.

    Not happy! :-(

  3. I strongly recommend making an appointment with an Apple Genius at an Apple Store near you and letting them handle it... it's only the first day so maybe they'll swap it for a new one (they do that within 14 days?). Any problem within the first year should be totally covered with the warranty.

  4. Webomatica, we're scheduled to see a "genius" at 7 tonight, so we'll get this moving one way or another! I'll keep you posted.