October 01, 2007

I'll be Downgraded for About a Week

24 hours ago, I was unwrapping a brand-new MacBook Pro. Now, I'm back on the slower, but more reliable, PowerBook G4, as the first Intel-based Apple product I've ever had mad its way back to Apple home base in near-record time.

Following this morning's bizarre keyboard and trackpad outage, from which the laptop never recovered, I took the advice of Webomatica and others, including some suffering the same fate on Apple's discussion boards, and headed to a Mac Genius at a local Apple Store as quickly as I could.

While I had fantasies in my head of them removing my hard drive and placing it in a brand-new MacBook Pro casing, so I'd be in and out of the Apple Store in minutes and on with my life, but it was not meant to be. Instead, the Mac Genius opened the laptop, clicked a few keys, and unsurprisingly remarked, "That's not good."


After more research, he said the parts needed to fix the laptop weren't available, and they'll be holding on to my MacBook Pro for a few days. Earliest I should expect to see it again? Probably Friday, though I'll be happy if I get it by end of day next Monday.

So, at least it wasn't my fault, and at least I still have my PowerBook G4, which up until yesterday, was the highest powered laptop in the house. I managed to live without the MacBook Pro up until this point, and now it looks like I'll have to wait just under a week more.

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