September 25, 2007

Ballhype T-Shirt Contest 2 Winner: Redsauce

After claiming our seventh Ballhype Golden Picks contest victory last week, achieving a controversial record score in the process, for the second time, we offered our t-shirt trophy to another member, who registered on the blog.

This time, we had eight entries, from "Reasonable Doubt for a Reasonable Price", "Zorgon", "VicTimes", "Redsauce", "Chone", "Patrick", "GREGSKY" and "Jason", the site's co-founder.

As with our last t-shirt give-away, we cooked up a quasi-elaborate scheme that featured Molly, our 18-year-old beagle, her love of food, and our camera. The conquest is laid out below.

Step 1: Create one Master "Bingo" Card

I listed out the eight entrants' names in equally-sized boxes and printed them out. The center square in the 3x3 table was "Molly's Free Kibble Spot".

The Eight Entrants: Click for Larger Image

Step 2: Introduce Molly to the Square

Molly asked to be shown the card before selecting the winner. Upon her approval, we could continue.

Molly Finds the Card to Her Liking

Step 3: The Judge Gains Incentive

Molly was escorted into the other room, and a piece of kibble was placed on each of the nine squares. The winner would be selected by being the LAST piece of kibble eaten. There were no doubts Molly would eat all nine.

The Card With Prizes for the Judge

Step 4: Molly Picks a Winner

With the card full of kibble, Molly first wrongly raced to the kitchen only to return to the card and started wolfing down the pieces, one by one. The very last to go was that of Redsauce, and due to that delay, Redsauce is our winner! You can see Molly in action below.

Molly making her selection

Congratulations to Redsauce! Erin should be in touch with you shortly to claim your prize!

If you're not yet a Ballhype member, you certainly should be. Join the site now!


  1. Why do I feel like I just appeared in The Hollywood Squares?

    Congrats to Redsauce - nice to see a long-time contributor get the win.

  2. Whaaaaaat! Why would the dog go up just to get me? Oh well....congrats, Redsauce.

  3. Zorgon, I don't have a good excuse for the hound's behavior. Nobody ever does. All I know is that my wife and I both witnessed it as Molly darted from right to left and finished with Redsauce's square.

    Maybe it's time to actually pay for a Ballhype shirt?