September 03, 2007

7 Hours of iTunes Music: Just $9.99

Long-time readers of this blog know I just can't get enough good electronic/trance/techno music. As my and MusicMobs profiles will attest, I don't like spending too much time away from my iTunes. That's why when I find surprise treasures on iTunes with a vast number of songs well beyond the typical CD, I'm ecstatic.

Last night, I picked up a compilation titled "Afterhours Ibiza: Deluxe Edition" from Global Underground for the standard $9.99. But rather than just over an hour's worth of music, the album serves up 63 tracks, with 7.7 hours of music, including three hour-long continuous mixes. There's no doubt I'll be listening to the soothing, occasionally upbeat sounds of Ibiza for weeks to come.

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