February 12, 2007

100 More iTunes Trance Songs for Less than $20

Last year I stumbled upon two 50-song albums from iTunes for only $9.99 each. While iTunes typically sells tracks at $.99 apiece, these 100 trance songs could be grabbed for about 20% of that cost, even though the quality of the new music was very good. I didn't waste any time posting the news to this blog, and e-mailing the links out to friends.

It turns out that promotion must have been a success, as iTunes has added two more trance albums with 50 songs apiece for the low, low price of $9.99 each. You had better believe I already clicked the "Buy Now" button on both.

To set yourself up with 200 Trance Songs in four easy clicks, try those links below:

1. 50 Trance Tunes, Vol. 1
2. 50 Trance Tunes, Vol. 2
3. 50 Trance Tunes, Vol. 3
4. 50 Trance Tunes, Vol.4

If you're just now building out the trance section of your iTunes library, or are looking to complete it, all four are must haves. Good music and plenty of it for a good price.

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